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#9 – Juniper Spa at Juniper Preserve

juniper spa at juniper preserveMARTIN SUNDBERG

In Bend, Oregon, Juniper Spa at Juniper Preserve stands as a calming getaway, harmonizing seamlessly with century-old juniper forests and the majestic Cascade Mountains. Embracing the natural surroundings, the spa offers a diverse array of treatments deeply rooted in ancient traditions, featuring herbal-infused oils crafted from locally foraged plants and drawing inspiration from Ayurvedic, Japanese, Nordic, and Western practices.

Juniper Spa extends its offerings beyond the confines of traditional spa spaces, creating an immersive experience that transcends expectations. Discover a mindfulness labyrinth, a plush teepee hosting intimate gatherings of yoga, meditation, breathwork, and soulful conversations. Venture further to explore the Spirit Island and Healing Cave, shaped by ancient lava flows, providing a unique setting for ecstatic dance, yoga, meditation, fire ceremonies, sound baths, sensory deprivation experiences, and more.

Published: JAN 11, 2024
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