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Fall Special:

Pumpkin Spice Facial

(Anything but BASIC!)

Reset your skin after the long summer months with this stimulating and hydrating facial. Our Pumpkin enzyme peel will assist in exfoliating dead skin cells, brighten skin tone and refine your skin’s texture.

50/80 Minutes | USD 150/200

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Massage Therapy

Desert Therapeutic

A perfect remedy, whether it’s the daily grind or epic adventures. This massage is fully customized to your specifications and includes Swedish and Deep Tissue strokes to create the perfect, soothing pressure to target tired, stiff, and fatigued muscles. Experience flowing strokes provided by your therapist to induce relaxation and promote health and longevity by using slow strokes and deep pressure to release tension throughout the entire body. This massage will leave you deeply relaxed and recharged.

50-80 Minutes | USD 165/215

Himalayan Salt Stone Massage

Our Himalayan pink salt stones replenish your skin and body with 84 naturally occurring minerals while this full-body massage combines warm salt stones and soothing Swedish massage techniques to help melt away tension and restore overall wellness.

50-80 Minutes | USD 185/235

Aromatouch Massage

Treat your senses to essential oils customized to your session, whether you desire a mood booster, relief from anxiety, sleep improvement, or reduction in pain, your therapist will craft a blend of oils to diffuse in your treatment room. Our pure essential oils paired with soothing massage techniques to restore your body from the outside in work to deliver profound therapeutic properties leaving you relaxed and calm.

50/80 Minutes | USD 165/215

Mother-To-Be Prenatal Massage

Help soothe and calm your senses while your therapist’s healing hands nourish and rebalance your body during this time of magical transformation. Using our elegant body butter, we work with your body to inspire relaxation, increase circulation and reduce pain and swelling for the giver of life, mother-to-be.

50 Minutes | USD 165

Spruce Up

Are you in need of a little focused bodywork? Do you have a particular area bothering you? When you receive our Spruce Up, your therapist will spend your session working on any specific area, especially in need of attention. Loosen, rejuvenate, and those hardworking muscles to be ready for your next adventure!

35 Minutes | USD 110

Skin Therapy

Juniper Signature Facial

Experience a beautiful organic facial tailored just for you. Enjoy perfectly selected products customized for your skin type and concerns. You will enjoy the powerful result of an awakened complexion with a fresh and dewy radiance. This organic facial is your key to balancing your skin!

50/80 Minutes | USD 160/225

Exquisite Gemstone Facial

Gemstone crystals are proven to dramatically increase hydration levels within the skin; these beautiful crystals are blended with Kaolin Clay to create a high energy, deeply hydrating, tightening and detoxifying result. Citrine is incorporated to recharge and energize the mind and body, Pink Tourmaline to channel healing and serene energy to boost your glow from within, and Malachite to heal and balance your energy. You will leave looking and feeling bright and lifted from the inside out.

50/80 Minutes | USD 150/210

Lumination Facial

This is the perfect treatment to even out age spots, freckles, and skin tone while smoothing wrinkles with our renewing, brightening facial. An organic, activating peel removes layers of pigmentation while naturally firming your skin. This process creates a perfect preparation for our masque made of natural hydroquinone alternative and Swiss alpine plant extracts to help brighten skin’s appearance and reduce the appearance of dark spots and the signs of aging.

50/80 Minutes | USD 170/235

Transcendence at Juniper Spa

Experience a gentle Ayurveda inspired, lymphatic focused massage with warm oils prepared fresh with local herbs to nourish and deeply moisturize the body. This gentle form of bodywork helps to rest and reset the nervous system. You choose your journey of either one therapist working in rhythmically gentle flowing strokes or two therapists working in perfect synchrony to ease your body and mind into a parasympathetic state where true healing can begin. This parasympathetic state is responsible for healthy digestion, detoxification, and cellular regeneration all of which leads to a boosted immune system, decrease in stress and overall improvements in sleep and mood. Transcend the ordinary massage with our Juniper Spa signature treatment.

80 Minutes | USD 215 Single Therapist

80 Minutes | USD 430 Double Therapist

High Desert Firming Body Wrap

Slip into your silkiest skin ever with this luxurious treatment. Your therapist will begin with a lymphatic-boosting dry skin brushing to buff away dead skin while increasing your circulation and generally boosting the immune system. We then gently apply a mango enzyme treatment for gentle and effective exfoliation, and for the peskiest areas in need of firming and attention we layer on a spicy herbal wrap. This experience concludes with a soothing massage using organic coconut body lotion specially formulated to hydrate, tighten, and stimulate the skin. You will love living in your ultra smooth body after this wrap!

80 Minutes | USD 205

Truly Radiant Body Glow

Our full body glow scrub is designed to ignite your senses while transporting you to a state of pure relaxation. This body scrub begins with a warm layer of our signature oil to hydrate and relax your mind and body, stimulating your lymphatic and circulatory system with our warm glow scrub. Finish with a full body application of our lush body butter to further the skin’s radiance and hydration.

50 Minutes | USD 170

Arnica Muscle Relief Body Treatment

Your journey begins with a refreshing full body glow scrub, followed with a stimulating liniment rub and arnica infused cream. Utilizing a Turkish towel, this experience is designed to invigorate and restore tight muscles and melt stress away.

80 Minutes | USD 205

Succulent Body Wrap

We love Stone Crop and we know you will too! In this treatment your therapist begins by polishing your skin with an exfoliating Stone Crop Scrub that buffs away dull, dry skin. Now that the stage is set it’s time for our soothing Stone Crop Restorative wrap perfect to detoxify, hydrate, and boost your circulation. Find yourself basking in deep relaxation as we hydrate your skin to a satiny finish with our Stone Crop Body Lotions. All that’s left to do is for you to revel in the glow of your beautifully nourished skin.

50 Minutes | USD 170

Experiential Wellness Therapy


Shirodhara is a traditional Ayurvedic hair and scalp treatment with deeply meditative qualities. This treatment induces a heightened sensation of inner calm which allows the body to recalibrate and align an individual’s energy both physically and spiritually. Shirodhara begins with a gentle pouring of warm oils across the third eye chakra (forehead) and across the scalp and hair. This blissful experience works to balance the hemispheres of the brain, alleviate anxiety, reduce headaches and expand awareness. Shirodhara can be administered by itself or as an enhancement to a massage, facial, or other body treatment.

50 Minutes | USD 120

Transcendental Breathwork

Breathwork is deeply experiential and therapeutic from the very first session. The experience brings you into greater alignment in body, mind, and spirit leading to massively positive shifts in life. In this session your guide will lead you through the technique along with demystifying some of the ways in which breathwork works to relieve stress, reduce anxiety, boost overall happiness, and generally improve mindset. There will be an active breathwork segment followed by a deep connection building meditation to reconnect and align your physical self with your energetic body.

75 Minutes | USD 150

Feels Like Floating

A deeply peaceful journey through the sounds and vibrations of crystal singing bowls, ethereal chimes, nature mimicry and gong. You will be guided through a gentle relaxation technique to prepare your mind and body for a complete body listening experience.

75 Minutes | USD 150

Experience & Rituals

CBD Soothe Ritual

Experience a fully customized 80 minute therapeutic massage with Oregon grown CBD products from start to finish. You are welcomed to your treatment with a CBD infused elixir made with Reunion CBD that is blessed by the shaman who is one third of the family team behind Reunion. Your massage uses a combination of CBD emollients to tend to achy, stiff, or well used muscles and to rebalance the nervous system for a deeper sense of peace. Your experience is complete with a light energetic cleansing of sage and juniper.

80 Minutes | USD 275

Transcendence Ritual

Experience a gentle Ayurveda inspired, lymphatic focused massage with warm oils prepared fresh with local herbs to nourish and deeply moisturize the body. Two therapists will work in perfect synchrony to ease your body and mind into a parasympathetic state where true healing can begin. This parasympathetic state is responsible for healthy digestion, detoxification, and cellular regeneration all of which leads to a boosted immune system, decrease in stress and overall improvements in sleep and mood. Your massage is then followed by a full body sugar glow treatment. The integration period of this experience features a magnesium foot treatment to replenish the nervous system while your therapist anoints your scalp with wildflower oil. Transcend the ordinary with this Juniper Spa signature treatment.

2.5 Hours | USD 555

The Juniper Spa Experience

An immersive experience of Juniper Spa treatments to nurture and nourish your face, body, and skin. 50 minute Desert Therapeutic Massage, 50 minute Lumination Facial & 50 minute Truly Radiant Body Glow

2.5 Hours | USD 490

The Ghost Tree Experience

A simply perfect combination of skin and body care from our skilled practitioners at Juniper Spa. 50 minute Lumination Facial & 50 minute Desert Therapeutic Massage.

100 Minutes | USD 325


Organic Wildflower Scalp Treatment

Enhance any Juniper Spa treatment with this deeply nourishing and incredibly soothing scalp revitalizer featuring Evening Primrose Oil, Primula Oil, Echinacea Oil, and Linden Flower. These organic compounds combine their powers to provide antioxidant benefits to your head and scalp to moisturize and provide nourishment and hydration to hair and scalp. We massage and infuse this easily absorbed, ultra-lightweight oil into skin and hair, leaving a smooth satin finish.

USD 20

Hydrating Coconut Hair Mask

Hydrating scalp massage and luxurious senses activating mask to create brilliant shiny hair that’s healthy and cared for at the root.

USD 30


Firm and tighten beyond your face by extending all the benefits of our facials to the neck and décolleté area. This treatment includes a rejuvenating peel, plumping mask and serums to target hyperpigmentation and smooth creased skin. This delicate zone radiates beauty when cared for and pampered.

USD 35

Salt Stone

Incorporate Himalayan Salt Stones into your facial massage. 100% pure Himalayan crystal salt contains 84 naturally occurring minerals and salts to balance and neutralize the ill effects of toxins.

USD 20

Anti-Aging Light Therapy

A quick and efficient “wellness boost” to energize cells and jump start circulation for a healthy glow. Ideal for minimizing the appearance of pores, fines lines and wrinkles.

USD 40

Pain-Relieving Light Therapy

This therapy relieves pain naturally and is ideal for post-workout soreness, sprained ankles, arthritic pain, muscle and joint pain as well as muscle relaxation.

USD 30

Eye Perfection

Brighten dark circles, smooth creased skin and alleviate puffiness with a cool, firming mask, and three-phase massage.

USD 40

Plumping Lip Smoother

This lip treatment is perfect to moisturize and plump the lips to combat the signs of aging while softening and smoothing the delicate tissues for a youthful and beautiful effect.

USD 20

Soothing Arnica Muscle Relief

Perfect after a day of traveling, golfing or hiking. Add this cooling plant derived lotion to any facial or full body massage. Your achy joints and muscles will feel the restorative benefits of Arnica for hours.

USD 25

Massage Cupping

Drawing from Traditional Chinese Medicine techniques, the suction and negative pressure provided by cupping works to loosen muscles, encourage blood flow and sedate the nervous system. Cupping has the ability to lift the tissue and enable the release and flushing of toxins.

USD 30

Personalized Hot Paraffin – Hand Mitts & Foot Booties

Stimulate blood flow and circulation throughout your tired hands and feet. This treatment fights high desert dryness and restores hydration.

Hands USD 25
Feet USD 30
Duo USD 50