Classes and Workshops

A sampling of our many wellness offerings

Transcendental Breathwork Series

Breathwork is deeply experiential and therapeutic from the very first session. The experience brings you into greater alignment in body, mind, and spirit leading to massively positive shifts in life. This class is a group experience, you will not need to interact with others though their healing may amplify yours just due to proximity.

In this session your guide will lead you through the technique along with demystifying some of the ways in which breathwork works to relieve stress, reduce anxiety, boost overall happiness, and generally improve mindset.


Welcome the weekend with this kava and cacao enhanced sound immersion experience to support heart opening and energy grounding.

Crystal bowls, chimes, a powerfully peaceful gong, and more instruments collaborate to tune and align mind, body, and spirit.

Namaspa Yoga

Join us for a rejuvenating class with Namaspa Yoga! This is a mindful and serene yoga pratice that emphasizes a flowing sequence of postures to promote relaxation and inner peace. The combination of breath, movement, and mindfulness in Namaspa Yoga creates a holistic and rejuvenating experience, leaving you feeling refreshed, renewed and centered after each session.

Mat Pilates

Our mat Pilates class will help you strengthen your core, improve your posture, and increase your flexibility. With exercises performed on a mat, you’ll develop long, lean muscles and a greater mind-body connection. Join us to enhance your overall fitness and wellness!