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Discover the tranquil haven of Juniper Preserve, where your dreams of the ultimate wellness retreat become a reality. 

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Wellness Retreats emphasize the interconnectedness of body, mind, and spirit, illustrating that when one aspect of our being is nurtured, the entire self experiences growth and enrichment. This integrated approach defines the essence of Juniper Preserve Retreats, offering participants a transformative experience. By combining the beauty of nature with luxurious amenities and impeccable service, your retreat is destined to inspire and rejuvenate. 

While we provide the stunning venue spaces and resort amenities, it’s your vision that drives the retreat experience. Our highly skilled Wellness Specialists will work in close collaboration with you, ensuring your retreat is thoroughly planned and executed to perfection.

Begin by teaming up with our dedicated Wellness Specialists to customize your wellness retreat

  • Whether you seek a tranquil haven to host a yoga retreat, a mindful meditation immersion, or a simple wellness escape, Juniper Preserve offers the perfect backdrop for your event.
  • Include Golf, Dining, Spa Services, Lodging – or any other resort amenities you desire
  • Explore the Wellness Offerings provided by our Wellness Specialists
  • Fill out the form below and our Wellness Team will contact you to customize your retreat
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Your attendees can enjoy the quiet and immerse themselves in Juniper Preserve’s unique and sacred sites.

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