Pure & Luminous Facial

This organic facial is your key to balancing your skin! In this treatment we work gently to repair your precious protective layer of skin from external and internal aggressor’s that can cause irritation, dryness, and lack of vitality. This facial works by feeding the skin with nutritious botanicals to calm and balance your microbiome, for healthy, resilient skin. Pre, Pro & Post biotics are used to reveal an even and healthy-looking complexion.

25/50 minutes  |  105/155

Lumination Facial

This is the perfect treatment to even out age spots, freckles, and skin tone while smoothing wrinkles with our renewing, brightening facial. An organic, activating peel removes layers of pigmentation while naturally firming your skin. This process creates a  perfect preparation for our masque made of natural hydroquinone alternative and Swiss alpine plant extracts to help brighten skin’s appearance and reduce the appearance of dark spots and the signs of aging.

50/80 minutes  |  170/235

Juniper Spa Signature Facial

Experience a beautiful organic facial tailored just for you. Enjoy perfectly selected products customized for your skin type and concerns. You will enjoy the powerful result of an awakened complexion with a fresh and dewy radiance.

50/80 minutes  |  160/225

Exquisite Gemstone Facial

Gemstone crystals are proven to dramatically increase hydration levels within the skin; these beautiful crystals are blended with Kaolin Clay to create a high energy, deeply hydrating, tightening and detoxifying result. Citrine is incorporated to recharge and energize the mind and body, Pink Tourmaline to channel healing and serene energy to boost your glow from within, and Malachite to heal and balance your energy. You will leave looking and feeling bright and lifted from the inside out.

50/80 minutes  |  150/210


Add CBD Luminous Massage to any Facial  |  25