renew, reinvigorate, reveal

Experience three nights and four days of treatments to align the body, mind, and spirit with the changing seasons.

In this practice we look to nature for lessons on holistic living with time for rest, growth, development, activity, reflection, shedding the old, preparing for the new, restoration, community, celebration, harvest and more.

We will care for the body through fitness, bodywork, stretching, and nourishment. We will care for the mind through meditation, creative activity, and neuroplasticity exercises. We will care for the spirit through breathwork, sound healing, and by developing connection to ourselves, our community, and nature.

Through each channel we will discover that when we care for our body we experience great benefits to our mind and spirit. The same is true for tending and caring to any one area of our being, the whole of us experiences growth and benefit.

This is what makes the Juniper Preserve Signature Retreats a holistic experience.

Guest Experiences

Juniper Preserve guests have special access to a selection of à la carte spa and culinary experiences developed with our wellness team. These offerings are available on an ongoing basis.

  • Mind and Body Treatments
  • Enhancements
  • Experience and Rituals

Signature Health Retreat Includes

  • Three night stay at Juniper Preserve
  • Locally-sourced, chef-driven meals designed for optimal nourishment
  • Daily fitness classes
  • Access to wellness classes including mindfulness and creativity experiences
  • Access to spa amenities
  • Explore local adventures on the Sunday excursion
  • Enjoy Sunday free-time by the pool, in the gym, or on horseback (horseback rides booked separately)