Two people have a golf lesson at a resort in Bend, Oregon.A golf vacation in Bend, Oregon, is not only a great way to spend time with family and friends but also the perfect time to work on improving your game. For guests at Juniper Preserve, there’s no shortage of ways to hone your skills and take your golfing to the next level. 

The sign for a golf academy in Bend, Oregon.Our resort is home to the Pronghorn Golf Club, where you can find two world-class courses and the Pronghorn Golf Academy. If you search for “golf academy near me,” this is one of the best results for those who call the Bend area home. The academy is serviced by Jeff Ritter’s MAKE THE TURN coaching program and True-Spec Golf. Both programs work together to help provide golfers with everything they need to support their game. 

Things to Keep in Mind as You Get Started

Ritter says new golfers are often introduced to the sport by friends or family members. During that first session of hitting a few balls at the range, they probably get some balls in the air and think they have it figured out.

“This is often when they get hooked by the game yet don’t understand the frustrating path they’re about to embark upon,” Ritter says. “I can’t tell you how many people come in for a lesson and say, ‘I wish I would have done this years ago!’”

It’s important to remember that a sport like golf requires a lot of learning. Ritter recommends creating smaller “golf experiences” and working up to playing nine holes during off-peak hours and beyond.

“When you get a good start, with the right mindset and pathway to proficiency, golf becomes the greatest gift in the world to give to yourself and share with others,” Ritter says.

For those just getting started, it’s crucial to play with clubs that properly fit. Talon Payne, a master club fitter with True-Spec Golf, says many beginner golfers use clubs that do not have the correct weight, lie angle, head design, and weight, which can create a faulty swing.

“No matter your level, having the right tools makes the game easier and, more importantly, more enjoyable,” Payne says.

How to Become a Better Golfer

An instructor showcasing one of the tools to improve your golf game at a resort in Bend, Oregon.If you’re unsure if you’re using the right clubs, make an appointment to be properly fitted. During your session, a master fitter will do a spec check and look to see how your current clubs are made. From there, they will select various products for you to test before recommending clubs that are the best combination of grip, shaft, and club head.

In addition to traditional lessons and coaching, Pronghorn Golf Academy also includes a Sportsbox AI 3D Studio, which converts a video of your swing into a 3D avatar to provide metrics on improving your swing.

“In order to become different from what you are, you must first have an awareness of what you are. What we ‘think’ we are doing and what we are actually doing are often quite different. A swing analysis illuminates what areas are important to YOU relative to YOUR improvement,” Ritter says.

Tips to Remember

Signing up for a private lesson means you’ll receive personalized advice, but there are some things golfers of all skill levels should keep in mind. This includes remembering that when hitting your approach shots, always hit for the center of the green unless you’re within 50 yards of the hole. Ritter also recommends spending time working on your putting speed control.

Learn Even More on A Getaway to Juniper Preserve

There’s still plenty of time to plan the ultimate summer golf trip to Juniper Preserve and Pronghorn Club in Bend, Oregon. Start planning your visit by reserving your stay in one of our incredible accommodations. In addition to booking a tee time, we recommend signing up for a club fitting and private lesson. To learn more about our Oregon golf resort and any applicable special offers, call 866-320-5024.